15 Temmuz 2012 Pazar

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Derrida (2003)

«Original motion picture soundtrack from the award-winning documentary. 29 tracks inspired by philosopher Jacques Derrida & his writings.»

30 Mart 2012 Cuma

Es - Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys (2004)

It has been always difficult for me to choose an album to share here because I rarely like an album in its entirety. Especially nowadays, it is not easy to face such an album, so today I thought I don't have to share a new album here, it can be an album I used to like. While I was thinking about the albums I once loved, I remembered this album. Then I wondered why I had never shared it here or in ychorus (where I was a writer in the past). I think the reason why I haven't shared this album anywhereelse before is that I didn't like the entire album but some tracks in it. I was always careful not to share such albums which I didn't like wholly.

The introduction of the album was not very impressive for me when I first listened it. I can even say that it caused me to be prejudiced about the rest of the album. When you hear the first track, even if you don't like it, go on listening. When you come to especially the fourth track, you will see that you are not listening this album in vain because it is so powerful. The last tracks of the album also capture you. Although the album does not start well, it ends with a strong influence on you.

This album always reminds me of a bookstore in which you squatted down with a book in your hands. As you are flipping through the pages of it quickly, tracks of the album change one by one, the music rises and falls and you feel hypnotized with a blurred mixture of words in front of your eyes which gives you a kind of nausea. Suddenly you become aware of the music you are listening and you get surprised to notice how these sounds wonderfully fit the passages you are reading. You are not conscious of the lines you are reading or the sounds you are hearing separately because the sounds are melting in the words and the words in the sounds and you are driven out of your reason and left in a realm that consists of pure feelings. You don't understand any single word of the book but it doesn't matter, you are more like capturing the essence of this moment of the entanglement of reading and listening and thinking and of all your acts which become a unity.

20 Mart 2012 Salı

Marc Ribot - Scelsi Morning (2003)

«Marc Ribot's first entry in Tzadik's Modern Composer series allows him to further expand on an already wildly eclectic body of work

16 Mart 2012 Cuma

Various Artists - Blue Skied an' Clear (Tribute to Slowdive) (2002)

A beautiful tribute to lovely Slowdive.

Because the album consists of 2 discs and it is too big to upload at one time, I had to divide it into two folders and upload the two discs separately. After such an effort, I was upset to notice that there were three songs missing. I couldn't find these songs on the internet yet. Till I find, we do not have the track 11 and 14 of the disc 1 and the track 12 of the disc 2. Well, sorry.

Edit: I found the three missing songs and added them to the folder. Enjoy.